You can find on this page the Atlanta streets map to print and to download in PDF. The Atlanta roads map presents the road network, main roads, routes and motorways of Atlanta in Georgia - USA.

Atlanta streets map

Map of Atlanta streets

The Atlanta streets map shows all street network and main roads of Atlanta. This streets map of Atlanta will allow you to find your routes through the streets of Atlanta in Georgia - USA. The Atlanta streets map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Offering one of the city most impressive skyline views, the Jackson Street Bridge as its shown in Atlanta streets map is a popular spot for Instagrammers, photographers and couples in pursuit of engagement photos. Plus, equally known for its zombie lure, the bridge attracts AMC “The Walking Dead” fans, who recognize the setting as one of the sci-fi show most infamous shots. The most Instagrammed image on Auburn would have to be the mural of Rep. John Lewis at the corner of Jesse Hill, Jr. Drive and Auburn Avenue,” says LeJuano Varnell, executive director Sweet Auburn Works. With Sweet Auburn Works mission to revitalize the historic community, Varnell says public artworks, like the Lewis mural, are huge factors in bringing renewed interests to the street, which is deemed a National Historic Landmark.

Before its social media fame, Chester says you could always rely on the Krog Street tunnel to tape flyers and post information about public meetings, gatherings, festivals and other activities. Now, on any given day, expect to find someone shooting film or photos at the legendary tunnel known for its ever-changing graffiti and full-bodied flare. The drive-through underpass on Krog Street as you can see in Atlanta streets map, which also includes two pedestrian walkways, connects the Cabbagetown and Inman Park neighborhoods. From Dallas to Sydney, Australia, more cities around the world are adopting rainbow crosswalks in symbolic shows of support for their LGBTQ communities. Temporarily painted in 2015 for Atlanta Pride week and then permanently instated in 2017, Atlanta was one of the earliest cities to install a rainbow crosswalk. Now an Instagram staple, selfie seekers and couples flock to take pictures on the paved multicolored crossings at the intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue.

Lots of downtown streets have changed names over the years, some many times over. Over the years, Peachtree Street has functioned as the main street of Atlanta as its mentioned in Atlanta streets map. While the street has some vitality, it does not enjoy the level of activity major streets in comparable cities. Peachtree Shared Street is a concept that focuses on three key elements: programmatic activity, physical development, and improved mobility. By transforming a half mile segment with a shared street design, we can leverage the activity in the surrounding buildings by inviting users to interact with and enjoy the public realm. Shared street design enhances the quality of public life while improving the safety and vibrancy of streets with high levels of pedestrian traffic.

Atlanta roads map

Map of Atlanta roads

The Atlanta roads map shows all road network and highways of Atlanta. This roads map of Atlanta will allow you to find your routes through the roads and motorways of Atlanta in Georgia - USA. The Atlanta roads map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

With a comprehensive network of freeways that radiate out from the city, Atlantans rely on their cars as the dominant mode of transportation in the region. Atlanta is mostly encircled by Interstate 285 as its shown in Atlanta roads map, a beltway locally known as "the Perimeter" which has come to mark the boundary between the city and close-in suburbs ("ITP": Inside The Perimeter) from the outer suburbs and exurbs: ("OTP": Outside The Perimeter). This reliance on cars has resulted in heavy traffic and has helped make Atlanta one of the more polluted cities in the country. The Clean Air Campaign was created in 1996 to help reduce pollution in metro Atlanta. Since 2008, Metro Atlanta has ranked at or near the top of lists of longest average commute times and worst traffic in the country.

Atlanta is the home of six major interstates as you can see in Atlanta roads map, and is therefore a haven for traffic, large trucks, and congestion. The combination of  vehicles travelling at interstate speeds, heavy traffic and impatient aggressive drivers can be dangerous. If you frequently drive or commute in Atlanta, knowing which roads are busiest—and therefore most dangerous—and alternate routes to take to avoid them can help to keep you safe. Interstate 285 is used by approximately two million drivers per day, and is sure to be even busier over the upcoming holiday season. Depending upon the direction that you are traveling, there are a few alternative roads that you can take to bypass the chaos of Interstate 285. Before heading out, be sure to check traffic reports first to be sure of an easy commute.

The Georgia 400 as its mentioned in Atlanta roads map is one of the busiest roads in Atlanta. In fact, the congestion is so bad that, according to Georgia Trend Magazine, the heavy volume of traffic has encouraged the North Fulton Community Improvement District to consider building other roadways to divert traffic. The road, which begins just north of downtown Atlanta, removed its toll in 2013, which has increased the number of drivers on the road. A good alternative to the Georgia 400 for an easier commute is SR 9, which parallels the GA 400. Interstate 285, I-85 and the Georgia 400 are arguably the busiest and most congested in Atlanta. But there are some other dangerous roads to be aware of.